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Welcome to NutraMancer City, the place to learn all about the world's potentially most toxic sweetener, aspartame, the active ingredient in NutraSweet and Equal.
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The Aspartame - NutraSweet Controversy

Visit our Library to learn the history of aspartame and explore the latest research. When it's time for a break, visit the Hospital and find out how NutraSweet effected hundreds of people who are suffering from side effects. In the hospital, visit the lab and be a part of the growing research on aspartame. When you have had enough of that, come by the Market for a list of products containing aspartame. While there, stop by the Pharmacy and review the bio-chemical issues. Finally, stop by and visit the Law Office and review the latest legislative and legal issues related to Aspartame. While at the law office, you can ask the people at the National Institute of Science, Law, and Public Policy any questions you would like answered.

By exploring this site, we hope that you will be able to:

1. Determine the reliability of research and food product testing

2. Make informed decisions about what you eat

3. Gain support if you suffer from the negative effects of Aspartame and be a research participant.

4. If you have developed symptoms, develop strategies for dealing with negative side effects

5. Provide feedback to one of the organizations fighting the use of aspartame.

Welcome to the NutraMancer Web Site

by James Turner, ESQ.

Director of the National Institute of Science, Law, and Public Policy (NISLAPP)

NeuroMancer, William Gibson's classic science fiction novel features Case, a high flying, cyberspace "cowboy hotshot" brilliant at projecting "his disembodied consciousness into the consensual hallucination that was the matrix." Cases' enemies punish him by damaging "his nervous system with a wartime Russian mycotoxin....The damage was minute, subtle and utterly effective." With his edge subtlety dulled, like a Gillette blade not replaced soon enough, Case could no longer ride in cyberspace effectively. How he responds forms the plot of the story.

Ironically, Gibson's book appeared in 1984, the year the US Commissioner of Food and Drugs overruled an FDA public board of inquiry, three senior FDA scientists, several internal FDA investigations and scientific and consumer objections and approved ASPARTAME, better known as NutraSweet or Equal. Evidence that preceded the FDA commissioner's intervention into the legal process and that has accumulated since suggests that aspartame may effect many of its users in a "minute, subtle and utterly effective" way, dulling their perceptions, in a fashion similar to the mycotoxin's effect on Case.

The NutraSweet Company's aspartame patent ended in 1992. Now many companies including "health food" companies, quietly sweeten their products with aspartame. The $8 billion multinational company Monsanto Inc. (maker of bovine growth hormone, genetically engineered soybeans, Roundup and many other industrial and agricultural chemicals) owns the NutraSweet Company now called, after a 1996 merger, the NutraSweet, Kelco Company. NutraMancer City provides access to the political, economic, cultural and scientific maze surrounding the manufacture, regulation, and sale of aspartame.

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