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History - A timeline of events in the Aspartame safety controversy


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Gordon, Gregory Report: NutraSweet: Questions Swirl, United Press International - Investigative Report. October 12, 1987
* Note: UPI investigative reporter, Gregory Gordon spent eight months examining industry research into the popular artificial sweetener NutraSweet and the Food and Drug Administration's handling of the product permeating the diet food and drink markets. 

Mullarkey, Barbara Alexander, Bittersweet Aspartame, A Diet Delusion, NutriVoice, P.O. Box 946, Oak Park, IL 60303, 1992

excerpt from book, Center for Disease Control Report Summary

Rosmarin, Isidore, Sweet Dreams, to be published soon by this award winning 60 Minute Television Producer and Journalist who first broke the aspartame scandal. The Alta Vista Corporation, Ltd.

Turner, Jim, Esq.: About the Aspartame Website, About Jim Turner's  involvement in Aspartame, and Home Page

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